Laboratory Technician/Assistant
Armstrong, British Columbia - Full Time

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The HireMojo Team

Professional Laboratory Technicians who want to work with industry leading barley grain and barley malt materials are invited to apply with Gambrinus Malting Corporation in Armstrong, BC. In this dynamic role, you will take ownership of the maintenance of our laboratory and work independently with brewing thought leaders. Working closely with the Malt House operations team in an assorted array of duties, you will be on the front lines of product testing, development, and training. We will look to you to actively coordinate scheduling, inventory, sample preparation, and program planning, as well as maintain laboratory records and quality control. As you manage this entire process, you will quickly see how this is an excellent staging point for advancement into a more senior position, as well as how this tremendous opportunity will get your laboratory technician career on the fast track!

Your first challenge as our Laboratory Technician is also your first chance to shine. From a career perspective, this laboratory technician position will further your skills by engaging in tasks across administrative, technical, and clinical areas. Your ability to coordinate lab schedules, maintain inventory of lab supplies and equipment as well as order and manage laboratory procedures will be crucial in this role. In addition to having the experience in a lab environment, with malt experience as a plus, a key requirement for this highly autonomous role is knowledge of laboratory terminology, equipment, materials and procedures, as well as fundamental knowledge of laboratory methods relating to the food industry. If you want to work for a growing malt company as part of an amazing team, this is the job for you!

Gambrinus Malting Corporation is solidly rooted in the North Okanagan, British Columbia, Canada for more than 20 years.  The original equipment came from Germany and was assembled on site in Armstrong. Gambrinus has had steady growth since the beginning of 1992.  Most recently Gambrinus has expanded, effectively doubling the production capacity in order to serve our customer's growing demands.  Gambrinus Malting Corporation is dedicated to quality.  We pride ourselves on meeting strict guidelines that our customers have come to expect from us. We use the best quality grain the season has to offer to produce high quality malt that cooperates well with your brewing process.
Gambrinus Malting Corporation concentrates on a variety of different specialty malts including, but not limited to, organic and kosher standards, for your product - an excellent beer.