Seattle, Washington - Full Time

Seven figure income potential, on your own schedule, working from anywhere (including 30 company owned retreats) helping the smartest entrepreneurs in the world. You can even work part time! Sound too good to be true. It’s not. 

Tech M&A is exploding, and the Corum Group is rated the “most active” tech investment bank in the world. The reason is simple— we source more software opportunities than anyone through the industry’s largest research and education operation.  In 2021 alone, we will see over 8000 companies at 200 events — they come to us looking for education/counsel on how to partner, finance, or sell. 

Today’s opportunity is for former Software & IT CEOs who have built and sold their own company to help fellow entrepreneurs sell.  Former CEOs or equivalent, like you, who have sales experience and negotiation skills, domain expertise and like to mentor tech entrepreneurs in the successful sale of their company. You have been there and understand how detailed, difficult, and sometimes emotionally trying it can be to successfully sell your company.

You will be supported by global teams of five on each engagement; seasoned experts in research, writing and valuations, working through our 8-step professional process - from preparation to contact, to negotiation and close. It is designed to generate multiple offers, and is hands down the most successful process in the industry. No one has sold more privately held software, IT, or related technology companies than Corum Group. No one.

We are the only investment bank built by former Software and IT CEOs to help fellow CEOs who want to sell, and achieve what we call the “Optimal Outcome”. Headquartered in Seattle, Zurich and Singapore, Corum is a 36-year-old investment bank that has spent over $50 million to build the largest proprietary seller database by diligently capturing information on over 120,000 companies - critical information that is not just kept in someone’s head like other investment banks who are still “networking” for leads.  All sellers are ranked and rated.

Our buyer database is the envy of the investment banking community.  Not only do we capture their data through our own proprietary process, but additionally, buyers monthly receive our extensive industry leading research on 29 sectors including the thought leading “Top Ten Disruptive Trends”, SPAC reports and our educational events. They even speak at our various conferences including the Tech M&A Monthly - the industry’s premier webcast broadcast to over 50 countries.  Corum’s past buyer advisory board members include tech giants like Google, IBM, Microsoft, SAP, Salesforce, and Accenture. Equally impressive is Corum PE Advisory Panel members including Vista, Riverside, Carlyle, KKR, Thoma Bravo, and many other leaders.

Start a new lucrative career and get off the C-Suite merry-go-round.  Join the Corum team.  As one dealmaker who just retired said, “The ultimate job— I only wish I had found Corum earlier”.

Responsibilities (Tech M&A Dealmaker) 

  • Convert prospects (from 1000s of leads generated by Corum’s Marketing Team) to clients, developing relationships and selling “The Corum Process: 8 Steps to an Optimal M&A Outcome” via phone, email, personal meets, etc.   
  • Work as the conduit between clients (tech entrepreneurs); potential buyers; Corum research, marketing, and client services to guide the engagement process from end-to-end: preparation, research, contact, discovery, negotiation, due diligence, closing, and integration. 
  • Serve as a tech M&A educator, regularly presenting at 100s of educational conferences, webinars, podcasts produced by Corum Group and its affiliate organizations. 

Qualifications (Tech M&A Dealmaker) 

  • You have built and successfully sold (through a formal M&A process) a software, IT or related technology company OR you have successfully guided multiple tech M&A transactions from end-to-end in the investment banking ecosystem. 
  • A “hunter” mentality.  You need to be comfortable converting prospects to clients, running multiple deals, and mentoring through educational events concurrently.  This is a fast-paced business. 
  • An “active sales mentality.”  Calling on the phone > emailing and waiting. 
  • Excellent public speaking skills. 
  • Excellent communication skills. 
  • Incredible skills in organization and time management. 
  • Being a good “storyteller” is a must.  You must convey value through more than just “dry financials and spreadsheets.” 
  • MBA is a bonus, but not required.  

Benefits (Tech M&A Dealmaker) 

  • Rapid exposure to the tech space across a myriad of different industries, building a wealth of knowledge, insights, and potential relationships with some of the world’s leading tech luminaries and investors. 
  • Extremely competitive composition plan for closing deals. 
  • Healthcare & 401k benefits 
  • Exclusive access to corporate assets and vacation properties in the US, Canada, Mexico, and elsewhere.