Reliability Standards & Compliance Program Manager
Moccasin, California - Full Time

We have a full-time opportunity for an experienced Compliance Manager. The role will be to support a client public agency engaged in hydropower generation in a rural environment.   

You would be working for a client located in a beautiful area of the Sierra Foothills.  The work may initially be performed remotely so long as work restrictions associated with the pandemic are in-place.  Longer-term the position will require time onsite at the agency office in the Sierra Foothills, as well as occasional travel in the greater San Francisco Bay Area. 

Role Description

The North American Electric Reliability Council (NERC) Compliance Manager will report directly to a client public agency engaged in the generation of energy at operation of hydropower facilities.   The NERC Compliance Manager supports the on-going development of a “culture of compliance”, and directs and leads company-wide compliance with NERC and Western Electricity Coordination Council (WECC) reliability standards by coordinating company-wide activities to verify requirements are performed timely and that documentation demonstrating compliance are properly maintained. The Compliance Manager is expected to work closely with other individuals and departments in the agency who have related  roles and responsibilities, while serving as the lead to ensure NERC compliance responsibilities are met. 


Job Duties

  • Overseeing NERC program implementation.
  • Overseeing development and management of consulting contracts used to support compliance.
  • Creating and delivering presentations for agency leads on the NERC Compliance program
  • Providing strategic planning and coordination of activities related to compliance with NERC Standards and the related requirements, including, but not limited to, operations and planning (O&P), critical infrastructure protection (CIP), and regional criteria.
  • Directing the development of internal audit processes to ensure company operations maintain compliance with NERC Reliability standards.
  • Responding to requests for interpretation of standards to promote appropriate application of the standards to maintain company compliance.
  • Overseeing and responding to possible issues of non-compliance.
  • Working with staff on whether to recommend self-reports, and ensuring that NERC/WECC violation processes are completed (e.g., mitigation plans, data request responses, etc.).
  • Providing leadership for mitigation plans to address deficiencies with NERC audit findings and subsequent diagnosis and reports to confirm successful mitigation.
  • Overseeing external NERC compliance audits, including but not limited to, pre-audit preparations, audit logistics, and post audit activities.
  • Monitoring and evaluating the ever-changing landscape of NERC reliability standards and the agency’s generation and transmission footprint identifying areas of risk, providing recommendations and developing strategies to achieve and strengthen procedures, controls or management of compliance activities and related data.
  • Managing the  WECC/NERC compliance department including selection and development of employees, budget administration, development and administration of contracts to support compliance activities, employee mentoring, counseling and motivation, establishing departmental goals and objectives, measuring and reporting the work performed within the department.
  • Providing compliance support, mentoring, training and advice to Subject Matter Experts that support WECC/NERC compliance across the company.
  • Participating in and overseeing the implementation of WECC/NERC MOUs, contracts, etc.
  • Serving as a liaison to various entities, including other agency departments, CAISO BA, RC WEST, and neighboring utilities
  • Serving as primary contact for Interconnection Agreements for neighboring Transmission Operators.  Manages contract negotiations/discussions with support of agency attorney’s office and Manager.
  • Overseeing the implementation of Operating Agreements, Affected System Issues, and Cluster Studies contracts, evaluating the compliance impacts of said matters, and participating in the development of solutions with the respective business units

Minimum Qualifications

At least 5-years of experience at a manager level serving as NERC Compliance Manager or similar role for a hydropower utility engaged in energy generation and transmission.

About You

  • You enjoy living and working in rural and small-town environments. 
  • You value public service, in particular supporting the success of a not-for-profit publicly owned power utility. 
  • You are a strong leader capable of managing teams of subject matter experts.
  • You enjoy collaborating with diverse groups of people within the agency organization.
  • You enjoy direct client contact and professional networking.
  • You have an entrepreneurial spirit, and are self-motivated and passionate about your work.
  • You like work to be a mix of logic, creativity, real-world experience, and common sense.

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