Housing Locator
Everett, Washington - Full Time

Starting Salary: $4,030 - $4,836 per month DOE, plus benefits

This position will remain open until filled with priority given to applications received by 5:00 PM, Friday, January 21, 2022.

Everett Housing Authority is offering a $1000 hiring incentive at the time of hire for all external candidates.

Everett Housing Authority Mission Statement: The Everett Housing Authority creates affordable housing, fosters healthy communities where households thrive, and replaces systemic racisim with equity for all.

All EHA employees must be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 for the health and safety of the community we serve and our employees. Upon acceptance of an offer of employment, a prospective hire must submit a certificate of vaccination to the Human Resources Department. Individuals with a qualifying medical or religious reason may submit a request for exemption. Philosophical, political, scientific, or sociological objections to vaccination will not be considered for an accommodation.

Looking for an opportunity to work for an organization that really makes a difference in the lives of others?  Look no further.  We have a great opportunity for a qualified person to become a Housing Locator.

This is a full-time union position working 37.5 hours per week. An opportunity exists for a qualified person with experience in property management, assisted housing or similar activity to become a Housing Locator for the Everett Housing Authority. 

If you’re looking for a great benefits package we have that as well!

  • Accrue up to 12 vacation days in your first year of employment;
  • 13 paid sick leave days;
  • 12 paid scheduled Holidays plus 1 addition floating holiday per year;
  • Medical Insurance;
  • Dental Insurance;
  • Life Insurance;
  • Long Term Disability Insurance;
  • State Retirement Fund;
  • Flexible work schedule,
  • Employee Assistance Program;
  • Wellness Program;
  • Tuition reimbursement.




Under the direction of the HCV Department Director, the Housing Locator will help to develop and lead implementation of leasing success strategies for Housing Choice Voucher Participants.  Much of the work conducted by the Housing Locator will be field-based and conducted in non-traditional, non-office settings. All services are designed to be time-limited and relatively light touch as opposed to traditional case management.
Key service areas include:  Housing Search Assistance, Financial Assistance for Families, Opportunity Area Education, and Marketability Coaching, Landlord Connections and Engagement.


The following duties are illustrative only (i.e. not all inclusive)

Required Workplace Standards:

1. Works regular and reliable hours on site (i.e. not at home);
2. Attendance must be punctual and consistent;
3. Works an agreed-upon schedule and works additional hours as necessary to complete work;
4. Works effectively, cooperatively and respectfully with co-workers, clients and other contacts;
5. Follows all EHA Safety Policies and Procedures;
6. Follows all EHA Personnel Policies and Procedures;
7. Performs other duties as assigned.
8. Represent EHA in a positive, professional manner at all times.
9. Participates in the development and implementation of goals, work plans, performance measures, and continuous improvement of service delivery to assist in attaining the agency’s initiatives, goals, core strategies, and mission through a spirit of service, teamwork and respect.

Essential Job Functions:

Housing Search Assistance

1. Works with participants to conduct one-on-one counseling to identify barriers to leasing. Develops a moving plan with tasks and due dates to overcome barriers and successfully lease, ideally in an opportunity area.
2. Helps families identify potentially available units (including units with needed accessibility features and units in low-poverty neighborhoods)
3. Provides transportation assistance and directions to potential units.
4. Assists with the completion of rental applications and EHA workflows.
5. Helps expedite the Emergency Housing Vouchers leasing process for the families.
6. Communicates and responds to the needs and questions of participants during their housing search and assists in logistical arrangements, including working with other government agencies, utility companies, apartment owners and managers, property and community-based agencies.
7. Maintains a data base to track all participant outcomes and compensation provided.  Produce reports that may be requested by HUD or EHA staff.

Financial Assistance for Families

1. Decreases financial barriers to accessing private market rental units by administering and tracking program funded financial assistance on an as-needed basis to families to cover expenses such as application fees, moving costs and/or security deposits.  
2. Coordinates with EHA’s Finance Department to pay vendors on the behalf of client and documenting payments in an auditable trail. 

Opportunity Area Education

1. Increases families’ knowledge and interest in opportunity areas by providing families with educational information (in-person, neighborhood tours, written materials, and other communication modes) on opportunity areas in the region and the potential benefits for families and children in moving to opportunity areas. 
2. Additionally, for families that move to a new area, facilitates family integration into a new community in the weeks leading up to and immediately following move-in.

Marketability Coaching

1. Increases competitiveness for private market rental units by working with families to understand and mitigate their rental barriers (e.g., credit score, criminal history, rental history, etc.). 
2. Provides coaching on communication and presentation styles to assist families in effectively marketing themselves to potential landlords and maintaining lease and tenancy expectation.

Landlord Connections and Engagement

1. Increases landlord participation in the HCV program within high opportunity areas by cultivating relationships with property owners and landlords in designated opportunity areas in Snohomish County to create housing opportunities for families. Works in collaboration with EHA Vendor Liaison and HCV Manager focused on landlord engagement.
2. Expedites lease-up processes by completing PHA required documents and conducting Housing Quality Standards (or other HUD required inspection standards) inspections. 
3. Completes online Housing Quality Standards (HQS) Certification and pass exam within two weeks of hire date.



Six years of paid work experience in providing relocation assistance, or property management, assisted housing, housing navigation or similar activity including at least two years with responsibility for determining eligibility, evaluation compliance with regulations or applying program requirements to individual situations.  At least two years of experience must be in a high volume, paperwork intensive setting.  Up to four years of secondary education may be substituted for comparable amount of work experience.


  • Proven experience working in rental housing, ideally the Snohomish County rental market;
  • Ability to conduct research to determine high opportunity areas and benefits of families choosing these areas;
  • Challenges, needs and lifestyle issues of the physically, mentally, socially and economically disadvantaged;
  • In-depth knowledge of available social services related to families and adults and an understanding of eligibility requirements to make appropriate referrals;
  • The ability to build trust and connect with clients using professional boundaries and good judgement;
  • Excellent oral and writing skills;
  • Methods and techniques of conflict resolution;
  • Modern office equipment including computers, and applicable software applications;
  • Principles and practices of record keeping, accounts, and report preparation;
  • Pertinent federal, state and local laws, codes and regulations;
  • Basic mathematical and accounting principles.


  • Work professionally and effectively with clients, co-workers and others in stressful and emotional situations with significant benefits at stake, while ensuring compliance with program requirements and accuracy of work product;
  • Read, analyze, and interpret complex relocation rules, regulations and plans;
  • Communicate complex relocation rules, regulations, and plans in simple language to a wide variety of audiences;
  • Evaluate the needs of residents and provide appropriate information as it relates to using housing assistance;
  • Work directly with sometimes difficult households which have specific needs, i.e. needing to repair credit and/or needing to repair tenancy records and minimize risk of failure in the greater community setting;
  • Work effectively with people from diverse social, economic and racial backgrounds;
  • Work effectively with people from all age groups including families with children, the elderly and the disabled;
  • Prepare clear and concise reports;
  • Communicate clearly and concisely, both orally and in writing;
  • Work as part of a team and assumes the lead when appropriate;
  • Effectively present information and respond to questions from groups of manager, clients, customers and the general public;
  • Organize and coordinate work schedules and to communicate tasks and strategies with others effectively;
  • Work independently and organize time effectively;
  • Work flexible schedule including frequent evenings and weekends;
  • Manage time and tasks efficiently with limited supervision;
  • Work professionally with co-workers, participants, social service agencies and the public;
  • Speak and understand English and follow oral and written directions;
  • Proficiently use computer and ten key calculator;
  • Work independently within organizational parameters;
  • Perform basic math skills including addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, fractions and percentages;
  • Drive a vehicle.


CONSTANT - 67% - 100%

  • Sit for extended periods of time 
  • Manual dexterity (Left, Right, Both)
  • Speaking, listening and seeing
  • Arm and hand movement (LRB)
  • Finger manipulation (LRB)
  • Lifting and carrying 5# (LRB)
  • Pushing and pulling 5# (LRB)

FREQUENT - 34% - 66%

  • Walking and standing (LRB)
  • Repetitive arm/hand movement (LRB)
  • Climbing stairs (LRB)
  • Bending and twisting at waist
  • Lifting and carrying 10# (LRB)
  • Pushing and Pulling 10# (LRB)
  • Reaching and Grasping (LRB)

OCCASIONAL - 1% - 33%

  • Kneeling and squatting
  • Reaching above shoulders (LRB)
  • Operating Foot Controls (LRB)
  • Lifting and carrying 20# (LRB)
  • Pushing and pulling 20# (LRB)


Calculator, 10 key, Fax Machine, Telephone and cell phone, LED Projector, Video Camera, Manually-operated stapler, Manual 2 and 3-hole punch, Desktop Computer, File Cabinets, Motor Vehicle, MS Word, File Folders, Still camera, MS Outlook, Copy Machines, Writing Instruments, Printer, MS Excel, Clipboard, Laptop computer, MS PowerPoint


  • Valid Washington State Driver's license or ability to obtain one within 60 days and good driving record
  • HQS Certification within two weeks of hire (or updated HUD inspection protocol)


  • Fluency in Russian, Ukrainian, Vietnamese, Arabic or Spanish language
  • Knowledge and experience in HUD and URA Regulations 
  • Knowledge and experience in Tax Credit and Section 8 Regulations
  • HQS experience (or updated HUD inspection protocol)
  • Prior housing authority experience

The Everett Housing Authority is a progressive agency pursuing its mission with great passion and a high level of professionalism and competence. EHA seeks passionate and optimistic individuals to join our team of highly engaged and satisfied employees committed to assisting those for whom stable and affordable housing is a challenge. EHA’s work has been recognized nationally with awards from NAHRO and Nan McKay. Most recently, EHA received NAHRO’s National Awards of Merit for a fully accessible community garden open to public housing residents and members of the surrounding community and for highly creative financing to convert 333 public housing units to project-based Housing Choice Vouchers and improve these properties with over $20 million in renovations. In addition, EHA received a NAHRO’s National Award of Excellence for a new 20-unit development serving survivors of domestic violence.

Members of our team are rewarded with meaningful work, competitive compensation, employee-friendly policies, a team environment, great benefits, and promotion and bonus opportunities. Please consider joining our team in pursuit of the exciting challenge of meeting the affordable housing needs of Everett and Snohomish County.

The Everett Housing Authority is an Equal Opportunity Employer