Senior Embedded Software Engineer
Mountain View, California - Full Time

Join a product development team focused on cutting edge privacy and security! At Aerendir, our mission is to protect user privacy and to create an ecosystem that minimizes users' data at risk. We deployed technologies that employ MEMS sensors to create cloudless Biometric authentication by identifying the bio-signature of individuals. If you have a passion for invention and problem solving, we invite you to look at the opportunities available on our team! Together with the team, you will create solutions using machine learning algorithms to enhance cutting edge biometric and security algorithms. 

To be successful you will need: 

  • Emphasis in C programming in ISO/IEC 9899, POSIX, non-POSIX
  • Emphasis in DSP (digital signal processing) algorithm development
  • Emphasis in numerical analysis, linear algebra and machine learning
  • Emphasis in various assembler languages
  • Emphasis in FPU, VFP, hard-float and soft-float mode
  • Emphasis in embedded environment (OS and bare metal), low power, low clock.

With a minimum of: 

  • Bachelor’s degree in engineering, computer science, or related field
  • Proficient to expert programming experience in C and C++
  • Familiarity with github, matlab, python, cython and perl scripting
  • 7-8 years of experience in embedded systems development and troubleshooting, with real-time operating system
  • Solid Math Skills including numerical analysis, linear algebra, and optimization
  • Experience in debugging, firmware development, and real time operating systems
  • Experience designing embedded systems
  • Solid experience in designing embedded firmware that meets real-time, low-power, reliability, and security requirements under hardware resource constrains
  • Solid understanding and experience with software engineering principles, workflows, and best practices
  • Experience with bare-metal or RTOS-based firmware frameworks and porting to different hardware targets
  • Experience with design, implementation, and verification of firmware for wireless communication chipsets, including BSP, DSP, RF control/calibration, and low-level hardware drivers (I2C/I3C, SPI, UART, CAN, Ethernet, USB, DMA, etc.)
  • Experience with integration, bring-up, testing, and debugging of software/hardware; familiar with lab equipment (such as signal generator, spectrum analyzers, and oscilloscopes, etc.) for measurement and test automation
  • General knowledge of communication theory, MAC and/or PHY layer basics
  • Experience with digital signal processing algorithms and firmware implementation


  • Must be comfortable working in our Mountain View office in person
  • Applicants must be currently authorized to work in the United States without the need for visa sponsorship now or in the future


Aerendir Mobile Inc. is the developer of a neural tapping technology based on mobile devices that allows for a next-generation fully cloudless AI-powered authentication, identification, encryption and bot segregation platform. Among the first products available are a foolproof authenticator, a neural anti AI-bot, and a liveliness detector. Aerendir's products use its patented NeuroPrint® technology to extract a unique proprioceptive signal from micro-vibrational patterns found in the user's hands, or elsewhere in the body, using the existing hardware found in today's mobile devices. Aerendir's solution can be embedded in any device or active surface to capture a reading from any muscle in the body. Aerendir's code can function at all levels of integration from binary libraries, OS and firmware to SoC/ASIC. Aerendir's neurotechnology is designed to put security back in the hands of the individual.