Recreational Vehicle Technician
San Diego, California - Full Time

Aptera Motors delivers the most technologically advanced solar electric vehicles (sEVs) with
breakthroughs in battery efficiency, aerodynamics, material science and manufacturing. The first in a series of eco-friendly vehicles, Aptera has the longest range of any production vehicle with 1,000 miles per charge and the ability to travel up to 40 miles a day on free power from its integrated solar panels. Its unique body shape allows it to slip through the air using far less energy than other electric and hybrid vehicles on the road today.

As a Vehicle Technician, you will work with the engineering team to build prototype electric vehicles. You will assist in the diagnosis, repair, and service of Aptera vehicles.

You will:
● Diagnose, perform maintenance, and repair electric powertrain systems, electrical systems,
steering, suspension, body work, etc. on newly manufactured Aptera vehicles
● Modify and fabricate parts as needed for installation
● Operate a variety of hand, power, and shop tools
● Perform equipment inspections, adjustments and certifications
● Report assembly and manufacturing anomalies requiring repeated repair
● Maintain shop cleanliness (5S) and safety
Your skills include:
● 5+ years of automotive experience
● High voltage electric vehicle experience
● Intermediate to expert level understanding of automotive electrical circuits
● Teamwork mentality
● Must be open to working a fluid fast-paced work environment
● Ability to work under extreme uncertainty

Your skills might also include:

● Vehicle integration experience
● Prototype vehicle experience
● Automotive start-up experience
● ASE Master Certification
● Welding and vehicle modification skills
● Composite body repair experience

You are expected to:
● Stay driven, exceptional and efficient
● Achieve 30-60-90 day plan
○ 30-day target: Ability to perform all duties and responsibilities as a Vehicle Technician
independently; working knowledge and integration of Aptera’s purpose and culture
○ 60-day target: Implementation of knowledge gained in first 30 days to contribute to
Aptera’s mission
○ 90-day target: Ability to utilize knowledge and experience gained in first 60 days to
appropriately and effectively train others and/or lead a team

Aptera designs electric vehicles with extreme efficiency, using low-drag aerodynamics inspired by nature, able to travel 1,000 miles on a single charge and power themselves just by being parked in the sun. Aptera's purpose, our drive, is to bring freedom to people and the planet, and that's what keeps us accelerating into the future.